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Please take a look below for the 2018 list of speaker presentations from the conference.

"Samo is Lamo: Turning Insights into Innovation"
Nu Thinking
Marta Villanueva

"Perspectives into the 5G World – 48 Windows of Global Change"
Mara Riemer and Travis Malone

"Customer Segmentation by Personality Type"
Lynly Schroeder

"Conquering the New Territory of eCommerce"
Decision Insight
Shawna Fisher

"A Framework that Works: Using Design-Thinking + Montessori principles to elevate your practice"
April Bell Research Group
April Bell

"In an everchanging world, what is the value of following your own path? A researcher’s constant drive for influence and excellence."
Consumer Insights
Jack Marquardt

"DESIGNING THRILLS: How Six Flags Uses Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint and Qualitative Feedback to Design Exciting New Experiences for 21st Century Theme Park Visitors."
Six Flags
Diana Viteri