Keeping our seat at the table – What got us…

Keeping our seat at the table, What got us here won’t keep us here

Time: 1:45pm
Title: “Keeping our seat at the table – What got us here won’t keep us here”
Presenters: William Leach, VP of Behavioral Labs, BrainJuicer
Melanie Leach, Senior Group Manager of Innovation Insights, PepsiCo

Abstract: Over the past 10 years the consumer insights industry has risen from providers of “marketing research” to now being relied upon to drive corporate strategy. This shift has caused business leaders and research providers alike to rethink the future role of marketing insights and how it must change to meet this strategic need. The focus of this session is to tackle the question of how are client-side insights group changing at PepsiCo & other major firms to drive growth and how will leading research suppliers need to change to meet the growing demands of their clients.

William Leach, VP of Behavioral Labs, BrainJuicer

Will worked in the Strategic Insights department at Frito-Lay, who was responsible for making sure the consumer and shopper voice was present during key business decisions.

Will joined Frito-Lay in 2005 and worked in brand, innovation and shopper insight roles for the company. Prior to joining Frito-Lay Will worked for 8 years in product development and strategic initiatives within the energy and biotech industries and was a Combat Engineer in the United States Army.

He received his B.S. in Natural Resource Economics from the University of Florida, and his M.S. in Applied Economics from Texas A&M University. Will lives in Dallas with his wife, Melanie (who also works in insights for Frito) and 2 year old son Nicholas.