Hitting From All Sides… A Multi-Discipline…

Hitting From All Sides… A Multi-Discipline Approach For Deeper Consumer Understanding

Time: 9:15am
Title: “Hitting From All Sides… A Multi-Discipline Approach For Deeper Consumer Understanding”
Presenter: Clay Dethloff, The M/A/R/C Group

Clay Dethloff, The M/A/R/C Group

Areas of Expertise:

  • Moderating: Both Traditional and Online Methodologies
  • Study Design
  • Analysis and Consultation
  • Understanding and Gathering Emotional Insights

Clay Dethloff is Senior Vice President, Qualitative Services at M/A/R/C Research.  Clay is an experienced marketing research professional with 20 years of experience in both leading and delivering qualitative research in the industry. 

As the head of qualitative research efforts at M/A/R/C Research, Clay is responsible for maintaining and improving the quality of qualitative research, identifying new/innovative qualitative research tools, and overall management of the qualitative team. Clay provides knowledge and insights in all phases of the study process including design, moderation, and analysis. 

Clay has conducted qualitative research projects using both traditional methods (focus groups, one–on-one interviews, and telephone interviews) and online qualitative methodologies (bulletin boards, online chat groups, among others).  He brings to each study the ability to draw upon a wide range of experiences, having conducted research in over 20 different categories including products, retail/restaurants, services, organizations and employee relations. 

Education and Activities
Clay graduated with honors from the University of Texas-Dallas with a degree in Marketing.  Much of Clay’s work involved understanding the rational and emotional perceptions and connections that consumers have with products and services through a process called “laddering.” Clay has conducted and led over 200 laddering related studies around the world.  He has trained over 300 interviewers and analysts globally in the laddering/values research methodology and co-authored along with Thomas J. Reynolds a paper entitled Advancements in Laddering.