Embracing Qualitative Richness

From Respondents to People, From Self Report to Real Life:
Embracing Qualitative Richness

Time: 11:30am
Title: “From Respondents to People, From Self Report to Real Life: Embracing Qualitative Richness”
Presenter: Bridgette Braig, Braig Consulting

Abstract: There is so much talk about social media research in the marketing research space today and many are left asking themselves “What is all the hype about?” and “Does it really work?” This panel will discuss the pros and cons of social media research as well as situations in which it may be most useful and relevant

Bridgette M. Braig, Ph.D., Braig Consulting

Bridgette’s passion is unearthing consumer insights and using their voice to uncover opportunities and solve a full range of business problems. Her pretentious Ph.D. training gave her good grounding in overall business strategy, creative research design, question asking (of all sorts), and practically driven analysis. But, she also claims fearlessness in hands-dirty (literally sometimes!) fieldwork with experience ranging from general surgery to bathroom cleaning. She’s held conversations in ORs, kitchens, clinics, and at computers talking to kids playing video games. A strategy generalist, she’s leveraged consumer insights to develop growth strategies and implementation plans for start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Bridgette also occasionally dips back into the classroom now and again teaching undergrads, MBAs, and execs. She holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, a B.A. In American History from Northwestern. When she’s not working, she prefers to hang out on slopes, trails, and pools.