Seventh Annual MSMR Alumni Marketing Research Conference

  • Conference Start
    April 21, 2016
    8:00 am

The world is awash in data. New data streams continue to be created. As researchers, how do we separate the signal from the noise? How do we value and weight data from various sources? How do we combine, simplify, and synthesize all of this data? The MSMR Alumni Association wishes to answer these questions at the 2016 conference.

The MSMR Alumni Marketing Research Conference is designed to provide continued education, bringing the market research community together to develop relationships, share ideas, motivate our community, and heighten the impact of market researchers everywhere.

Speaker Biographies

The Theory of the Crime: What Market Researchers Can Learn From A Real Life Murder

David-BakkenDavid Bakken, Ph.D.

Founder and Managing Director at Foreseeable Futures Group

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Visualizing Research Data

Randy-KrumRandy Krum

Founder/President of InfoNewt

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The Consumer Journey. Layering Methodologies To Go Beyond Path To Purchase

Paul DonagherPaul Donagher

Managing Director, Consumer & Retail at Market Strategies International


Randall HulaRandall Hula

Vice President, Consumer & Retail at Market Strategies International



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Breaking up Is Hard to Do: Metrics That Matter During Disruptive Times

William HylandWilliam (Bill) Hyland

Director of Insights, Hewlett Packard Enterprise



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The What’s vs. Why’s of Market Research

Don-SchultzDon E. Schultz, Ph.D.

Professor (Emeritus-in-Service) Integrated Marketing Communications, The Medill School, Northwestern University, and President of Agora, Inc.

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Does Research Kill Creativity?

Roger-AdamsRoger Adams

Chief Marketing Officer at USAA

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The Rationally Irrational Consumer

Steve-McKeeSteve McKee

President of McKee Wallwork + Company (MWC)

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Futurescape of Health and Wellness

Lynnette-CookeLynnette Cooke

Global CEO at Kantar Health

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Global Analysis – Local Sensitivity and Global Perspective

Silvia-FassiSilvia Fassi

Qualitative Research Consultant at Silvia Fassi, Inc.

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2016 Speaker Presentations.

Presentation #2 – Bill Hyland.pptx

Presentation #4 – Paul Donagher and Randall Hula

Presentation #5 – Steve McKee.pdf

Presentation #6 – David Bakken.pptx

Presentation #7 – Randy Krum.pdf

Presentation #8 – Silvia Fassi.pptx

Presentation #9 – Don E. Schultz.pptx

For questions or to inquire about speaking opportunities, please email Jerry Thomas