Carl McDaniel Award

At each annual conference, a UTA MSMR alumnus or advisory board member is awarded the Carl McDaniel Award for outstanding dedication and generous contributions to the MSMR Alumni Association and to the program as a whole.

The award is given in honor of Carl McDaniel, former professor emeritus and chairman of the marketing department at UTA. Dr. McDaniel’s extraordinary leadership at UTA between 1990 and 2006 fostered the development and growth of the MSMR program, which resulted in a new generation of skilled marketing researchers.

Recipients of the Carl McDaniel Award have shown amazing dedication to the MSMR program and selflessly given their time to advance the program and the future careers of students.


2016 Recipient

2016 Carl McDaniel Award recipient, Jamie Baker-Prewitt, SVP & Director of Decision Sciences at Burke


2015 Recipient

Pat Billups

Pat Billups

Pat Billups

Pat Billups has led a life of eclectic experiences. She is a CPA, a business owner with her husband offering service to SAAB automobile owners, a sales representative and educator in the event industry, and is a member of the MSMR Alumni Association. Pat believes that by continually striving to learn new things you stay young and mentally sharp. With that in mind, Pat is enrolled in college once again pursuing knowledge in fashion design. She plans to offer couture to clown and entertainment professionals. Pat also volunteers as a tutor at Union Gospel Mission and is on the board of directors with Disciples of Trinity, a charity helping the terminally ill.

Pat is lovingly married to Tom since 1984. She is a member of the Prince of Peace House of Prayer in Arlington. Pat is proud to be a veteran of the US Army.


Prior Recipients


2014 – Colleen Doyle

Colleen Doyle

Colleen Doyle

Over the past ten years, Colleen Doyle has worked in a variety of marketing analytics, strategy, and research roles on the agency/supplier and clients sides leading both qualitative and quantitative research studies throughout her career. Colleen is intrigued by uncovering deep-seated emotions using various qualitative techniques and has an innate curiosity for understanding consumers and deriving insights from research findings. She loves being in a position where she can be an advocate for consumers by helping them voice their opinions through research.

Colleen is the Manager of Consumer Insights at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Inc. She has a B.S. in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Finance from Northeastern University in Boston, MA as well as an MBA and a MS in Marketing Research from the University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, TX. She is currently a member of the UTA MSMR program’s annual conference planning committee and advisory board. Colleen currently resides in Phoenix, AZ with her fiancé and dog and enjoys reading, cooking, marathon training, and traveling in her spare time.

2013 – Chris Hauck

Chris Hauck

Chris Hauck

Whether it’s a complicated choice-based research design, a quick-turn multivariate analysis or developing marketing strategies to fill the stadium at his beloved Alma Mater TCU, Chris embraces each challenge with the passion and commitment usually associated with hardnosed tailbacks.

For more than 25 years Chris has honed his research skills across a wide variety of categories- from telecom and IT to consumer packaged goods, medical products and consulting.

Undoubtedly influenced by a colorful, exotic upbringing in West Africa, Chris has an almost insatiable desire to continue exploring and stretching his professional range. And this is why he is equally adept at developing a complicated multistage forecasting project or delicately moderating consumers through in-depth conversations about mortality and medicine.

But his exploration isn’t limited to the world of algorithms, statistics and discussion guides, Chris is equally spirited about taking on new personal challenges. Whether taking up the bass guitar in the last 2 years as a way to keep up with his record-label bound son (who rocks the drums, keyboard, sax and the Ukulele at age 14) or learning how to “ride switch through the glades” Chris is that rare person who loves his work as much as his play.

He claims “happiness” as his motivator in life and you can see it in how he adores all three of his children (Kali, Spencer and Talulah) and still gets weak-kneed about his wife of 18 years Jules. Of course for Chris, ultimate happiness can really only truly be achieved when TCU wins its first BCS National Championship… which should explain why his blood has a purple hue to it.

2012 – Jerry Thomas

Jerry W. Thomas

Jerry W. Thomas

Jerry Thomas is founder and President/CEO of Decision Analyst, one of the largest privately owned research companies in North America. The firm provides marketing research and analytical consulting services to an array of major international corporations, advertising agencies, and other organizations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

During his career, Jerry has conducted research studies and analyses to support the development and marketing of personal computers, word processors, printers, copiers, educational toys, electronic calculators, digital watches, microwave ovens, new software systems, and hundreds of new CPG products and new service businesses. He began his career at Hallmark Cards in brand management, and then at Kraft Foods in brand management focusing on new products. He next worked at a major national research company before launching Decision Analyst in 1978.

Jerry served on the Board of Directors of CASRO (Council of American Survey Research Organizations) for many years. He also helped launch the Advisory Board for the graduate program in marketing research at the University of Texas at Arlington (MSMR), and he headed this Advisory Board for many years. He still serves on the MSMR Advisory Board, as well as the Advisory Boards for the College of Business and the President’s Development Board at UTA. He holds a BA in Marketing/Economics from UTA, and an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin. He also studied graduate economics at SMU. Jerry is a student of marketing strategy, new product development, economics, mathematical modeling, and the natural world.

2011 – Alan Traverse

Alan Traverse

Alan Traverse

A professional researcher since 1997, Alan Traverse’s insights have been the basis for major product launches, company segmentation strategies, and the voice of the customer programs. His experience spans several industries including media, telecommunications, finance, travel and loyalty. He is well-versed in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Concurrent with his research career, Alan has taught economics and marketing for Columbia College since 1999. His classes focus primarily on macro theory and U.S. economic history. Along with regular classroom duties, Alan developed and teaches the Intermediate Macroeconomics course and is currently developing a course tentatively named “United States Economic History 1791 to 2012.”

Alan has been Chairman or Co-Chairman of the UTA Research Conference since 2009. He is also the co-founder and first President of the MSMR Alumni Association.
Alan holds three degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington: a BS in economics, a MA in economics and a MS in marketing research.