A New Look At An Old Standard – Why CSM Hasn’t Worked For A Long Time and How To Fix It

A New Look At An Old Standard: Why CSM Hasn’t Worked For A Long Time and How To Fix It

Title: “A New Look At An Old Standard – Why CSM Hasn’t Worked For A Long Time and How To Fix It”
Presenter: Chris Hauck, Lynx Research Consulting

We’ve been doing customer satisfaction research, scraping and all sorts of other approaches to gathering comments from consumers, so why don’t we just ask? Lynx Research has developed a whole new way of getting people to tell us about their experience while it is happening to them…..and the results are amazing!

Chris Hauck, Lynx Research Consulting

Chris Hauck has over 20 years’ experience in conducting research in the telecommunications, telephone directory, information technologies, and consulting industries. At Lynx Research Consulting, he is currently responsible for consulting with clients to help them define marketing objectives, design appropriate research strategies, and translate research results into practical recommendations for successful solutions. His philosophy of developing research designs based on respondent purchase decision behavior as opposed to more traditional research approaches has allowed him to provide clients with recommendations that are easy to communicate and implement. Chris has considerable experience in the use of choice-based research designs to meet complex client research needs. His quantitative experience and comfortable style in front of both clients and participants makes him a particularly good focus-group moderator for complex
qualitative/quantitative projects.

Before forming Lynx Research Consulting, he was employed by several major marketing research suppliers. During that time, he managed many large-scale research programs for clients in telecommunications, high-tech, and consulting.

Previous to his positions with research suppliers, he served as primary research manager for GTE Directories, where he was involved in the management and execution of customer satisfaction and all marketing research programs. At GTE Directories, he designed many of the research programs that allowed the company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Chris is considered an expert in customer satisfaction marketing research due primarily to his experience at GTE Directories.

Chris received his B.A. and M.B.A. in Business Administration from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.